We Build Trust

We say what we mean and we do what we say.

Hallmark of Quality

In everything we do  our work is guided and inspected by our inhouse construction inspector with over 17 years of experience doing inspection on all the trades.



Officially formed as NJC developments to service the needs of the US government.


Taught as the Masters level (TA) at Harvard University.


Honorably discharged from the US army as a combat medic.


Began building inspections.


Began in the construction field.

Why ChooseNJC Development LLC

In everything we do, we believe in doing a good job in any contract or business deal we make. We believe in challenging the status quo by always pushing our service to the next level. And deep down, we believe America is one of the greatest countries on earth promoting freedom for all, so in helping this country meet its goals in respect to contracting we believe we are also helping to do a great good in the world. We create this high level of service to the country by constantly utilizing the latest technologies and best practices from around the world to improve our delivery. And by never being satisfied until the job is done right and all parties involved are happy. If we say we will do something - we do it.

Our GreatTeam

Mark Bertrand

Chief executive officer

Charles Bertrand

Chief Engineer


jakob kainz

Accounting/Project Management

Oussama Gadrouri

Proposal Writer